Junge, blonde Frau in Sportkleidung vor einer gemähten Wiese joggt und dabei Musik hört
Junge, braunhaarige Frau in Sportkleidung, die eine Übung mit einem Ball-Sportgerät im Fitnessstudio macht
Grüner Smoothie hinter dem sich ein Sportler in Tiefenschärfe den Turnschuh bindet
Fitnesstrainer, der einer Kundin im Fitnessstudio eine Übung mit der Hantel zeigt

We are proud to offer you a special fitness experience in collbaoration with our personal trainer Chris Hummel. Training sessions can be booked on a flexible basis, adapted to your personal wishes and needs. They can take place in Freiburgs beautiful surroundings or in a local fitness center.
Please contact us for further information and reservations.


About Chris Hummel:

His career began as a young player at the soccer club Freiburg. Later, he studied engineering management and sports therapy and worked in clinical diagnostics with the players of the soccer club Karlsruhe. As a Master Trainer for Personal Training he trained trainers in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva. During his work as Managing Director and Regional Manager of various fitness centers in Switzerland he started developing concepts for modern training services. Today, he is Personal Trainer with heart and mind. Amongst his clients are various professional athletes, opera singers, lawyers, doctors, and others.


For more information about Chris Hummel please visit: www.reset-personaltraining.de

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